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Doggie body size

SizeBack Length (cm)Chest (cm)Neckline (cm)Example Breed
M2733〜3923〜26Papillon / Pomeranian
L3139〜4526〜29Toy Poodle / Shih Tzu
2L3546〜5329〜32Pug / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
3L39.553〜5935〜38Shiba Inu / Shetland Sheepdog

📝 How to measure size

  • Back Length : From the base of the neck to the base of the tail
    * Take the measurement with the dog in a lie down position.
  • Chest : Behind the front legs, the thickest part of the body
  • Neckline : The Base of neck, thickest part
    * For dogs with more hair or long-haired dogs, we recommend one size larger.

Size of item body

SizeTotal length (cm)Chest (cm)Neckline (cm)

* Individual differences of about 2cm may occur during the production process.


  • Approx. 8.8 oz. 95% cotton, 5% polyurethane

"vision" Dog T-shirt

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