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Brand Consulting

This is a consulting service to develop branding that is sustainable from strategy to execution for a fixed fee.



Branding +


We are your buddy who stands by your brand.
In the international design market, brand managers are very rare. Nonetheless, brand strategy is very important.


Comparisons on price or functionality are not essential.

Our objective is to develop a comprehensive approach from strategy to design output. In order to pursue the value of your business, we do not require a budget for each production unit, and we will stay with your company as your brand manager for the medium to long term.

We provide brand strategy services including Silicon Valley framework, appropriate team formation, localization for overseas expansion, global marketing, etc., for a fixed fee.

We produce accurate and multi-faceted creative work and output in a continuous and efficient manner.

This contributes greatly to corporate variation.




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​Inner Branding
​Outer Branding
Concept Making

For most products and services, "implementation" is not the goal. SaaS and subscriber-based plans are on the rise, and users are becoming more selective.
While differentiating products and services by price, features, and other tangible criteria should be a priority, it is easy to compare them with similar services, and there is a bias toward the cheapest and most feature-rich.


We focus on the best solution for our customers by showing the value of the experience after the introduction of the service and its impact on the surrounding environment in a rippling worldview.

These effects are obvious and, in the case of a startup, can be seen in market capitalization and fundraising size. They will also have a significant impact on the hiring pool and the talent available to compete for.

A brand is trust. Brilliant design and high-impact copy are necessary, but not sufficient. We believe that this triangle, which shows a steady accumulation of trust, is important. The outer strategy is influenced by the inner penetration, and the concept beyond that. We believe that the brand is built on the circulation of this axis.

We believe in a comprehensive execution of brand strategies that are not biased, but rather a balance, which is optimized by the services and companies they serve.



Kou J.

Since each production was a stand-alone project, there were differences from design to design, but we were able to work consistently from strategy to output.

#SaaS #toC

Jane K.

We had been suffering from a lack of manpower, but by placing brand resources outside the company, we are able to gain a greater sense of speed in managing our business.

#fashion #toC #toB

Mark C.

We are able to work on design strategies that have substance, reducing budget estimates and communication for each deliverable.

#electric #toC

Ayako M.

We have been able to work on localization strategies for overseas expansion and internal branding to create a culture within the company, and engagement has improved dramatically.

#health #toC #toB

Louis B.

The year-long partnership has largely eliminated challenges in design and unified the world view, differentiating the company from its competitors and competitors and increasing variation.

#production #toB


By expressing our commitment to sustainability, we convey our corporate image and message of social contribution.


Focus on advanced technologies such as NFT and metaverse to enable a faster and higher quality approach to the market.


It is very important to express not only the current business, but also the future that lies ahead. It maximizes the attractiveness of the company by directly linking it to recruitment and corporate value.

How we works 



Hearing and scoping



Concepts and fix a price



Build a team for a brand product development 



Creative productions



Go live! ( Information strategy)



All set! Start marketing


In the future, it will be common practice for businesses around the world to do business cross-border. Without development and recognition in the domestic market only, and language of the future at the launch of services, there will be little variation and no market capitalization, and no investment will be attracted.

We also recommend the importance of global marketing in foreign markets for the development of services.


What about bringing a product that is well-known in Tokyo to Singapore?
How do you take a product that is well-known in San Francisco and bring it to Osaka?


There is a lot of data that shows that the same worldview, copy, and visuals can lead to lost opportunities in terms of both cost and assets.

We have a global track record of localization experience working with country and regional teams to develop more appropriate branding.
Let us create together from Japan and around the world.


Join over a 200+ happy clients


We have more than 300 projects and use our proven expertise.


Unify the world view through consistent conceptual design, not by production unit.


It will be comprehensively executed by a team with the highest skill set that meets the standards.

Our Clients

To date, we have developed brand strategies for 50 companies and have provided support in a companionate manner.
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Let's get started!

With an unique framework designs,
adjust the plan to suit you best and
get a higher performance.


Requests for a project portfolios, materials, and ask any questions you have!

For more information and discussions with experts,
please contact us.

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