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Story of Tomi

Mr.Tomoji Nogami called “Tomi” is working as a Business Developer in Maisond, he contributes to business expansion by approaching and negotiating with various companies mainly in Japan.
He says everything he can experience in Maisond is new and exciting, we will share his great work and wonderful story in Maisond over several articles!



・Tomoji Nogami
・He was born in Japan and raised in Osaka until high school, after graduation he enrolled the university in England and spent 4 years there.
・The 1st career he chose was hotel industry, Hilton Osaka (front service), when he was 22. Afterwards, he changed his career as Convention Organizer when he was 25. 
・The 3rd career was HR start up as sales, and then he now belongs to Finnair as Business Development Manager.


Maisond's differences

Mina:You have been working for a relatively large company so far, did you find any difference between Maisond and other companies??
Tomi:There are so many differences! First of all, decision making is so quick in Maisond. Since I can have discretion, and the distance to the settlement person is short, so various things are decided and moved immediately.Also, it was fresh to me to contact and confirm quickly with communication in the Slack workspace, we can react to someone’s comment instantly with a stamp. In my previous work, I used to write words such as “Good morning”, ”Good day!”, "Thank you!" by e-maiI, it takes only a few seconds to type, but with a stamp, you can react in 0.1 seconds, and I realize that keeping such small effort will lead efficiency increase.
Mina:Certainly, stamps are convenient!
Tomi:Yes. I love putting stamps! lol
It's also new to me to work with nearby creators and designers. It is also very exciting and fun to be able to see the process of making actual illustrations and designs for rough orders such as "I want such an illustration to have a business talk" , "I want to express this kind of thing" and so on.
Mina:Well, there are a lot of creators at Maisond, and it's very convenient to be able to do business with creators!


Working and Learning at Maisond

Mina:You feel very exciting working at Maisond, and what is your mainly roll at Maisond??
Tomi:As part of building a community that can lead business, making opportunities to talk with business owners in various companies.
Now I give top priority to getting clients and the recognition of Maisond
Mina:I see. So it's more about spreading Maisond to companies than PR to the masses.
Tomi:Yes that’s right.
Mina:How are you developing clients?
Tomi:We use a service that helps contact the business owners, or sometimes connection of mine and other member’s leads developing business and clients.
Mina:Is there anything you are careful about or keep in mind when developing a business?
Tomi:For new services such as “SIRCREW”, I am cultivating customers while thinking about what kind of clients we can satisfy with our services. I can often get hints by having many business talks and participating in public relations activities. I am still proceeding through trial and error. In addition, for services that have a past record and clients such as “BRADDY”, I place great importance on having business talk and proposals for customers who may need brand consulting. When my experience and knowledge are not enough, I am asking for help with the other members and various people.
Mina:For example, in what kind of project did you get help? And how did someone help you??
Tomi:For example, in the case of regional revitalization projects, the client is the local government. In that case, I asked for help with members who are involved in other branding projects, who have knowledge of PR / advertising, and my friend usually flies around Japan to work, who has experience of supporting the brand consulting of local governments with the help of various people, and so on.
With many people’s support, we can build proposals that can help solve client’s branding matters.
Mina:There seems to be a lot of learning and you can meet many new people!
Tomo:Well, I've learned a lot in the business of BRADDY and I met so many people. I am working to acquire customers while learning.
Now I am working and experiencing many trials and errors, but I think it’s valuable for me and Maisond. I think it's part of my job to prepare assets such as sales methods, client information, and talk methods for the new sales members who will join in the near future.

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