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Story of Dayoung

Ms.Dayoung is inhouse designer at Maisond, she creates visual designs and member icon illustration for website and corporational materials.

She always wanted to "get a job that relates to art" when she was a child, and lived with "Art" and "Design" at all times. We will share her unique story and great work in Maisond over several articles!



・Dayoung Cho 
・She was born in Korea and moved to USA with her family when she was 13 years old.
・She went to Art Center College of Design, after she graduated junior high and high school in US,  and started to studying design professionally.
・After graduation, she works as a freelance designer in the US, and moved to Japan alone from 2019.
・In the activity in Japan, Maisond CEO Shioya contacted her and she joined Maisond.


School life with  “Home” and “Art”


Mina:You moved to the United States at the age of 13, but what brought you to the United States in the first place?
Dayoung:At first my family were only planning to stay in the US for only two years to study English with my sister. But in the meantime, my dad got into golf and said he wanted to be a professional golfer in America .. lol
And as a result, I lived there for more than 10 years.
Mina:wow, is there such a thing ... !!
Dayoung:Yes, that's can't be unimaginable.
In 2017, after more than 10 years spent in the United States, I acquired American citizenship with my sister.


~"dark ages" in Middle school and high school~

Mina:How was your life in the US??
Dayoung:Middle school and high school are "dark ages" to me.
I used to go to public school in both junior high and high school, but nothing was interesting, fun, I had only a few friends, and I couldn't speak English well…
Mina:People around you weren't mostly American??
Dayoung:I lived in San Francisco for the first year, and I was in an ESL class (a class for students learning English as a second language), so there were a variety of different nationalities, Japanese, Taiwanese, Mexican, and Russian . There were diverse people in that class and the teacher did her best to teach me English grammar, how to pronounce etc. But after the 1st year, my family moved to Temecula where  my family is living now, it was so hard to live there.
Mina:What was hard?
Dayoung:There were not many Koreans or Asians in Temecula so I always felt lonely, and in high school, occasionally I was bullied because I am Asian. I remember very well that I couldn't say back because I couldn't speak English well even if I was told something bad or hurt.
I was very frustrated with myself, because  I wanted to say something back  but I couldn’t do that…
Mina:It was so hard... but I feel Dayoung's positive personality in that story, you didn’t think “How pity I am,,,,”and you thought “I want to say something back,,,!!!”
Didn't you want to go back to Korea?
Dayoung:I didn't think that so much. Even if I moved to Korea, I could have been bullied or might have had an unpleasant experience as well, and above all, I didn't want to wear a uniform skirt. (lol)
At that time, I did not like my body shapes, especially my legs and I was very self conscious.
Mina:I see, there was such a reason!
If I were you, I would want to go home as soon as possible and I would want to throw everything out…So it's amazing that you didn't think so.
Dayoung:Well, maybe I'm so insensitive. Even if I was hurt in school, it became okay when I got back home and I really liked drawing and spending time with my family. 
I felt like everything became okay when I’m at home, in my own space

Supported by her "family" and her favorite "drawing", Ms. Dayon overcame her difficult days. After entering university, she started studying design professionally, but there were still more challenges ...!?


~Story to be designer~

Mina:I heard that you went to  the Art Center College of Design in the US after graduating from high school. Why did you choose that college?
Dayoung:Since I was young, I thought I’d  never choose a job other than art! I always thought so. I liked to draw, and I had never thought deeply about other choices. Maybe I should have lol, but at the time Art was the only thing I wanted to do. 
I went to college without thinking about anything else, so I struggled a little after graduating from college.
Mina:What made you struggle??
Dayoung:While I was in school, I wanted to be a freelance designer after graduating, and I thought I could live on it. But actually, I realized that it was really difficult to be able to live as a freelance designer .
Mina:Didn’t  you start to work for a company right after graduating from college?
Dayoung:I did not. I tried to but I wasn’t getting any call backs. I thought that if I graduated from a design university, I would be able to get clients and live as a freelance designer. But in reality, I can't get a job unless I do everything from zero to 10, so I took about a year to get my first job. All the while, I worked part-time as an art teacher for elementary school kids and looked up art directors and sent them an email asking for jobs.
Mina:For example, did you enrich your portfolio, send emails for companies?
Dayoung:Yes, portfolios, going to galleries, searching jobs on many websites, emailing my work for some companies, and so on. I didn't know what to do to get a job right after graduation, so I tried so many things.

After graduating from college, Ms. Dayoung realized how difficult it is to live as a freelance designer. How did she develop her  career as a designer from here?

Next time, we will share the story from the "first job", hardships, rewards, and exciting experiences as a fledgling designer.

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