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The unprecedented "Ferris Wheel Jacking" happened on Christmas Eve!


Nakayama, a former detective, visits the theme park Dreamland with his beloved daughter, whom he hasn't seen in five years since his divorce from his wife.
Nakayama, a former detective, visits the theme park Dreamland with his beloved daughter, whom he has not seen in five years since his wife's divorce.

Their fun time was short-lived, however, as soon as they got on the Ferris wheel, someone took over the Ferris wheel.

The Ferris wheel is hijacked by someone and they are taken hostage.
Nakayama and his daughter, Rin, are appointed as liaisons to the hijacker, who calls himself "The Dwarf," but what will become of them?

And Kaizaki, who is in charge of solving the case on the ground, is asked to help solve an unsolved case that took place on Christmas Eve five years ago.

The two are involved in an unsolved case that took place on Christmas Eve five years ago, and they have a history of holding secrets from each other.
Two intertwined cases and their respective agendas.

What is the shocking truth hidden in the giant Ferris wheel that symbolizes Dreamland?


“Beloved Holy Spear” is a full-length police mystery set in contemporary Japan. Set in an amusement park on Christmas Eve, the story is a dense and gritty tale full of foreshadowing. This book is highly recommended for those who want to read a high-quality mystery and those who want to try their hand at a contemporary police novel.


The author, Toshio Yuya, was born in Fukuoka Prefecture in 1990, and this is his debut work. His writing style has a strong sense of depth that is not typical of a newcomer, and his highly realistic descriptions are so appealing that the reader can picture the images as he or she reads. It is a work that makes one want to see it made into a TV drama or a movie.


The protagonist of the film is Hideo Nakayama, a middle-aged former detective who resigned from the police force after an “incident” that occurred five years ago. Around the same time he resigned, he divorced his wife and separated from his daughter, who was 4 years old at the time. He was separated from his daughter, who was 4 years old at the time. He now lives a meager existence while working part-time as a security guard.


The story begins when Nakayama and his 9-year-old daughter visit the theme park “Dreamland. Their goal is to ride the “Dream Eye,” a new Ferris wheel that has recently been installed in the park. They are having a good time, but right after they get on the Ferris wheel, it is “hijacked” by someone. All 12 pairs of passengers on the Ferris wheel, including Nakayama and his daughter, were taken hostage. In addition, one of the gondolas fell down soon after the statement from the perpetrators. The passengers on that gondola are confirmed dead.

What were the hijackers after and will the rest of the passengers survive? And what is the surprising truth hidden in the giant Ferris wheel? In order to protect his beloved daughter, Nakayama sets out to uncover the truth while still trapped in the Ferris wheel.


From the beginning of the story, where the reader is intrigued by the peculiar situation of being trapped in a Ferris wheel, to the middle part, where the details of “an incident” that occurred five years ago are described in fragments, to the climax, the story continues to unfold in a furious pace, leaving no time to catch one’s breath.


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The interesting point of this work is that it goes beyond simply solving the mystery of “who is the Ferris wheel hijacker? The interesting thing about this film is that it goes beyond simply solving the mystery of “who is the Ferris wheel hijacker? As one mystery is revealed, another appears.


The principles and feelings of all the characters are carefully explained, and the reader is left with a high sense of satisfaction after reading the book. The author’s high level of technical skill is also evident in the fact that the story is well-developed without any breakdowns or inconsistencies.
Even if you read the story a second time, you will find yourself thinking, “This scene was foreshadowing,” making this a work that can be enjoyed over and over again.


What makes this work interesting as a mystery is the position of Nakayama, the detective. In the mystery genre, the detective’s attempt to solve the case while trapped in a Ferris wheel would be classified as an “easy chair detective story” (a genre in which the detective does not gather information on his own, but only relies on the information he is given to deduce the case).

In the police mystery genre, there are many works in which the protagonist, a police officer, attempts to solve the situation based on information gathered at the scene. In this work, however, it is impossible for the protagonist to gather information. The author’s skill is evident in the way the two are harmonized in this highly original setting.


Furthermore, the absence of a “faithful assistant,” who acts as the detective’s hand and foot to gather information, which is usually indispensable in detective stories, makes Nakayama’s deductions even more difficult to solve. The only information given to Nakayama in the film is basically the view from the Ferris wheel and the voice on the phone. In addition, the people who answer Nakayama’s calls include a former colleague who distrusts him, a student who works part-time at the amusement park, and the hijacker himself. None of them is quite the “faithful assistant. The book is a true “pleasure to read,” as the many question marks are clarified one after another, relying on the slightest comment from the caller or the slightest change that occurs in the area around the Ferris wheel. It is truly a “pleasure to read.” We hope you will enjoy it.


It is interesting just to follow the story, but it is also recommended to read the book while guessing. The author’s writing style is very dry, with no redundancy. Since there is little noise, it is easy to concentrate on deductive reasoning.


The literary nature of the motifs dealt with is also attractive. The title of this book is “Re-love the Holy Spear,” but the word “Holy Spear” is derived from the Christian New Testament. It is said to come from an anecdote in …… that after Christ’s death by crucifixion, his executioner stabbed his corpse with a spear in order to confirm his death.


The book offers an opinion on why the spear came to be treated as a “holy relic. According to the book, “It is not a miracle that a crucified man came back to life on the spot (p. 3). In other words, the reason the spear was recognized as a relic was not that the spear itself was holy. Rather, it was the fact that the spear “touched” Christ that later generations regarded as holy.


Like the executioner in this anecdote, people often act foolishly when they lose someone important to them. Many “stupid” people appear in the film and repeatedly act like “spearing a corpse. What kind of person did they perceive themselves to be? What was the meaning of the story they had spun? Was there true love there? We ask these questions over and over again… Many of us may remember such behavior.


Of course, such confirmations do not change reality. In some cases, it may even make things worse.
However, this film does not simply dismiss such actions as futile or foolish. Rather, the film shows a certain degree of sympathy for the characters by depicting their actions and feelings in detail.

When one thinks about it, it may be a “holy” act in a sense that people want to confirm the love of others. It may be wrong, it may be foolish. Nevertheless, it is the “human” creature that approaches the object of love and tries to confirm the fact that love existed. This seemingly foolish act is recounted with the positive motif of the “holy spear. The author’s positive attitude toward life is evident in this story.


This author’s view of life is strongly reflected in the fact that the story is a mystery with serious content but leaves the reader with a very refreshing feeling after reading it.

The author’s use of setting and props to reinforce the theme is also skillful.
For example, in this film, which deals with the theme of “the shape of love,” it is very symbolic and meaningful that the vehicle that is hijacked is a “Ferris wheel.


Usually, when “hijacking” is mentioned, a vehicle with a destination, such as an airplane or a bullet train, is chosen. The Ferris wheel in this film, on the other hand, is a very special vehicle whose purpose is “to have no destination itself. To be honest, it is not a suitable vehicle for hijacking.

However, when the Ferris wheel is viewed as a metaphor for “love,” this attraction has powerful implications. Love, like the Ferris wheel, is essentially something that has no purpose or destination, but is simply a daily routine that goes around in a circle. For example, the housework and child-rearing that parents do for their children is a “circular routine” and “love itself. There is no change, and the same thing just continues day after day. In fact, I think that the essence of love may lie in the “changelessness.


However, sometimes people try to find a “purpose” or “destination” for their affection. They prefer to be good-looking, to earn money, to take care of the housework and childcare, to be popular, etc. “So, I want you to be like that,” they say. So that’s what I want you to be. In other words, this is nothing more than an act of trying to give a path to another person’s life based on one’s ego.

Even if we allow others to achieve this ego, what about love? Perhaps, the love of the person who is forced to give a path to others will disappear. Just like the Ferris wheel that collapses when the gondola falls, as depicted in the film.


Will the “love” sought by the characters in this work have a destination and collapse, or will it return to the original circle? Some return, some do not. We urge you to read the book to find out how it ends.

The theme that is depicted in this work as being at odds with “love” is the attitude of people in the world who treat everything as a “fire on the other side of the river.

The year 2022, when this work was published, is a year in which people in the city have lost more of their composure than ever before, due to the prolonged Corona disaster and the recession caused by the weak yen. Even if they see someone in trouble on the street, they turn a blind eye due to a lack of spare time or anxiety about getting into trouble. …… It seems that more and more people are using such “other people’s business” attitude as a kind of survival technique. This work shows a certain understanding of such people’s attitude, but at the same time depicts the sorrow and suffering of those who have been dismissed as “fire on the other side of the river.


Essentially, a novel can be said to be “the ultimate fire on the other shore. What happens in novels, including this one, has nothing to do with reality. We read the novels and feel relieved that such things did not happen in real life. However, the realistic and detailed descriptions and careful emotional portrayal in this work refuse to let us consume the events of the book as something else. After reading the book, we find ourselves wondering if we have not dismissed those in need as if they were on the other side of the fire. Then, the next time someone is in trouble, we may feel compelled to be as kind as possible to them. A good novel is a novel that does not end when you finish it, a novel that influences us in the real world.


This novel deals with two opposing themes, “love” and “indifference. After reading this work, you will understand the meaning of the seemingly esoteric title, “Beloved Holy Spear,” and you will be acutely aware of the weight of its words.

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